Stephen Engle, MD, Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine

Learn About My Professional Background and Expertise…

About me and my writing:

I’m a U.S.A board-certified (in internal medicine) physician available for healthcare industry writing and editing. I work at levels from basic (for medical laypersons) to advanced (for professionals). My work includes extensive medical writing, analytic, and consulting experience for over 26 years as an administrative healthcare physician. I’m very experienced at conveying healthcare system content and analysis. I’ve communicated healthcare information and persuaded readers in many areas of healthcare, ranging from specific medical content to issues involving the healthcare payer system.

I have a mastery of English at all levels of complexity.

My medical writing has included the following:

  • Blog-style projects
  • “Listicle” projects
  • Medical editing
  • Website content
  • Medical content writing and editing for both professionals and medical laypersons
  • Formal healthcare communications writing
  • Administrative healthcare writing
  • Medical knowledge examination question writing
  • Abstract writing
  • Journal edits

My career experience:

I’m a United States-trained physician (M.D.) who’s board-certified in internal medicine. Most recently, I was a medical director in administrative medicine with the largest private insurer in the United States. Before that, I spent 21 years in administrative medicine as a Medical Consultant for the California Medicaid program (Medi-Cal). After medical school and residency training in internal medicine (with board certification), I worked in clinical medicine as an attending physician before transitioning into administrative medicine.

My prior areas of experience in administrative medicine include all of the following: knowledge of private and governmental insurer systems, medical review auditing, medical documentation improvement, medical coding, recovery audits, fraud/waste/abuse, quality of care assessment, medical necessity determinations, utilization management evaluation, value-based care, and advanced program knowledge of California’s Medicaid program.

With my prior experience, I have a broad perspective that I incorporate into medical writing and editing.