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What does a single revision or editing cycle include?

I will incorporate any edits or other changes you request, so long as these edits or other changes do not substantially alter the previously agreed-upon intended use, nature, general content, or length of the document.

If I change my mind after the project starts, what can be done?

If you want to substantially alter the previously agreed-upon intended use, nature, general content, or length of the document after I begin work, just let me know. I will try to work with you to renegotiate the contract accordingly.

Which platform you you write in?

I write and edit primarily in Microsoft Word. If your request is only for editing (hence, you are providing me with a document to edit), you will usually need to convert it to Microsoft Word before I can work on it.

Will you let me see all the edits you’ve made?

Of course! You may request that any drafts be returned to you showing in-line and editorial comments (if any). This will include all edits made to the following: style, format, content flow, grammar, readability, punctuation, spelling, and syntax.

What kinds of medical documents can you write for me?

Just about anything. Blogs, articles, emails, letters, content for brochures, cover letters…you name it! I will need to review the specifics of your project to determine whether the project is something I am best suited to perform.


No services can be offered or provided which involve:

  1. Practicing medicine (including, but not limited to, providing medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment)
  2. Creating a patient-physician relationship
  3. Making utilization review or medical necessity or appropriateness determinations which directly impact treatment or any other medical services that any person will receive.


Outstanding. I have been writing and editing various professional documents in the healthcare arena for over 26 years.

Do days to complete the project include weekends or national holidays?

No. For Example:

  • You choose a 3-day completion time. If work can start on Friday, the job will be due the following Wednesday because Saturday and Sunday are excluded from the 3-day period. Also, note that in this example the contract will be written for a 5-day delivery due to no work being done on Saturday and Sunday.

Will you provide personal medical advice, diagnosis, treatment, OR ANY FORM OF MEDICAL CARE?

No. Please refer to important information on the “Medical Disclaimer” page by pressing this button:


All services are rendered personally by me. I do not utilize employees or subcontractors so that work products will reflect my experience.

What information will you need from me before you can start a project?

  1. How and when you can best be contacted with any questions or clarifications I may need to address with you.
  2. Please provide all information/documents needed to complete your job timely and per your specifications. For written documents, this will include at a minimum:
    • A) mission and intent of the document (e.g., inform, educate, persuade)
    • B) tone and structure desired
    • C) who the target audience is
    • D) any specific data or facts to include and/or for me to research
    • E) Any specific quotations you want to be included (e.g., as for a blog);
    • F) estimated word length of the final product.
  3. Confirmation that you agree with the following: Any material amount of time required by you to respond to any of my questions or needs for clarification after the project starts will delay the project delivery date/time by an equal amount of additional time. (Please also allow for any time zone differences; I am on USA Pacific Time.)
  4. Confirmation that you agree with the following: Work cannot begin until you review, agree with, and electronically sign a project contract which I will provide. The contract will require some personal information, such as your name, email, and business location (at minimum, city, state, and zip code). You are free to review the contract before you decide to sign it, and you are free to choose to not engage in a project after reviewing the contract.
  5. The method by which payments will be made.

What if this information doesn’t answer all my questions?

Just contact me.

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